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Fiche incubé : Comfiz


Cognitive Platform for Data-Driven Services Management

Easing the path to data-driven transformation

Why Comfiz ?

Most organizations now recognize the necessity to become more data-driven and that the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly valuable.

But this is not a simple task as this transformation requires to build a strong data foundation, to identify what are the type of operations and services that will benefit from AI and to develop, train and maintain predictive models.

With Comfiz unified DDSM platform it is now easier to acquire a holistic view of data sources and business processes associated to data-driven operations and to rapidly deploy predictive models.

Comfiz DDSM Platform

Designed to tackle the challenging problems of the ever increasing pace of data growth and data silos, Comfiz DDSM platform gives data-savvy managers the capacity to unleash the full value of their data and to leverage the cognitive power of artificial intelligence.

Comfiz DDSM core strengths:

–      Full data lifecyle management: data integration, data enrichment (semantic, cleaning), data governance

–      Predictive models management: The predictive models developed by Comfiz data scientists are available through Comfiz DDSM. They are fine tuned for each customer.

–      APIs framework: we fully believe in micro services oriented architectures. A Restful API framework gives our customers the capacity to build new services and applications on top of Comfiz DDSM.

R&D focused in AI

Machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing. Predictive models library. Data-driven processes integration.

International from day one

Comfiz was born as an international venture from day one. The ideation took place in Montreal. In October 2015 we were integrated to French National Incubator Belle de Marseille. We set-up a Madrid based operation in summer 2016.

We will extend operations to Boston and Toronto in 2017 (if successfully funded).

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